Parham For the People

Roy at podium

Parham’s Vision for a Better Newton County


  • Efficiently use of Newton County resources
  • Maintaining transparency
  • Economic resiliency
  • Support sustainability
  • Ensure that Newton County services are accessible, inclusive and equitably provided

Public Safety

  • Partnering to keeping Newton County communities safe
  • Situational crime prevention
  • Community outreach engagement
  • Support and partner with Newton County police, fire and first responders (EMT) departments
  • Adapting community strategies and building capacity


  • Building safer, better neighborhoods
  • Community FIRST campaign
  • Support and partner with Newton County schools (student, staff, teachers and administrators)
  • Demonstrate strong leadership and organizational commitment to diversity and equity
  • Communicate and engage openly, respectfully and effectively with the community

All I have ever wanted to do is be a voice for those who feel that their concerns are not being heard

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